A guide to safe transportation to and from airports throughout
the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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Find out the current status of any flights between major cities within the United States.  

   Taxi-International.net has been designed to provide you, the traveler, with a new concept in transportation.

   Personal drivers, including a picture, a brief resume and contact information, who will greet you at your home or your destination airport at your convenience. Each driver is ready to talk to you by cell phone. You can also e-mail most of them for  information on prices for transportation and other things you might be interested in.
   The driver pictured on the web site will be the driver who takes care of your transportation needs while you are in that area. Print his picture before your trip and carry it with you.  This provides great security to your family in that you will know who you are looking for when you arrive at the destination airport.

   All drivers on Taxi-International.net websites are highly reputable individuals who have passed many tests for service and responsibility
to their riders. You deal with that driver directly, there is no middleman involved.

   Current and future weather information for that airport. Click the gray bar on the homepage of the airport you are landing.

   The airlines reservation page lists the airlines who fly into each airport and in many cases the listing is linked to the reservation pages of that airline. The location of the airlines in the terminal is also noted. In some cases there are helpful maps of the terminals.

   You will be able to establish a  personal / business transportation relationship as you get to know your personal driver. If you need a driver who speaks another language check out the bi-lingual page on each site for direct links to a bilingual driver.

   The sites Taxi-MCO.com and Taxi-SFB.com are now active with drivers who can be contacted and will gladly help you with information you may need to get to your destination.  All drivers listed are actively driving in the areas of the airports you plan to land at.

   Taxi-ATL.com is being worked on. It has retail business listings and airline reservation links. The weather site is active as you click on the gray bar for current weather in that area. There is also quite a bit of information and a couple of maps on navigating around that huge airport.

   All the sites listed on this page have at least the home page and the weather bar which you can click on and pick up the current weather.




   Each site lists the various forms of transportation available to you the traveler. Taxi, town cars, vans and even a luxury customized bus (MCO and SFB)  seating up to 30 passengers. The drivers of these vehicles can be contacted directly and an inquiry on pricing can be made in seconds.

   Every location has many tips for the traveler. Airlines who fly into these airports are listed and you will be able to link directly to the reservation sites of the airlines you wish to fly in on. Turn it around and you can see the airlines that fly out of the Orlando International Airport.

   Interested in the shops in the airports? Each airport has its own style and has many different retail stores that are unique to that airport. Find out where and who they are. In many cases you will be able to link directly to the corporate website.

   Check out our photo gallery. Of course they are families who have used the services of various drivers listed on these sites. We are always looking for new families to add to the list of the satisfied riders already there.



   Taxi-International.net has developed a new travel agent voucher system, for which agencies can merge into their travel package, for travel agencies who may be interested. It is now being tested in the Orlando International and the Sanford Orlando International Airports. Drivers are listed on those sites who have been qualified as drivers for this program. This program offers sedans, town cars and large vans at a very convenient price. It is a few steps above the service provided by the shuttle system that exists in those airports now. Your clients are treated to very informative drivers, clean cars and privacy for their family. A driver meets your clients on the baggage level, helps with baggage and guides your client to his vehicle. No mass transportation, no waiting for transportation and immediate departure from the airport.

   Travel agencies can request the address of the site, which accounts in detail the program,  by e-mailing:



    To those special people who work in the transportation business, we are looking for you. Any airport, USA, Europe or Asia, that lands passengers can be listed on this site. Your airport no matter how big or small, domestic or international, provides a means for you to gather drivers together and advertise their services worldwide. As a site coordinator you would be responsible for making the drivers in your area aware of the site and its advantages. The work you do to make the site active will reward you financially. Go to Opportunities at the bottom of this page, click on it to get more information from Taxi-International.net.


                 Orlando International Airport

              Orlando-Sanford Airport

                 Hartsfield-Atlanta International Airport

                 Los Angeles International Airport

                 John F. Kennedy International Airport
                                       LaGuardia Airport
                                       New York City, N.Y.

                 O'Hare International Airport
                                       Midway Airport
                                       Chicago, Illinois

              Logan International Airport
                                       Boston, Massachusetts

                  Miami International Airport

                  Washington-Dulles International Airport 
                                       Washington National Airport

                  George Bush International Airport
                                        Hobby Airport
                                        Houston, Texas

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

                  San Francisco International Airport

                  Heathrow Airport
                                        London, United Kingdom

Frankfurt International Airport
                                       Frankfurt, Germany

               Charles De Gaulle International Airport
                                        Paris, France

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